Training Strategies

McCabe, Hamilton & Renny’s training strategy is committed to consistently monitoring and assessing our relationships with our customers to ensure that we are adhering to our own principles of conducting business and providing a high level of quality that cannot be matched. Every employee takes full responsibility for their work and ensures that customer service is of upmost importance. From the time that new employees are on-boarded into the company, they have a clear understanding of the importance of maintaining strong relationships with all of our customers. All of our employees receive initial training to help them succeed in the industry. Additional training and mentorship is reinforced and applied throughout their careers.

First Aid-CPR-AED training for FM, SFM, LM and SLM

When: September 8 or 26,
from 0700 to 1300

Where: MHR Office Training Room.

Dispatch will schedule accordingly.  If you have any questions please contact Pu at the Safety Office

Example Training Material